Mansell Overlook Recycling Programs

Single Stream Recycling

This Program allows you to mix all of your recyclables into one container designated by a clear bag. Including:

 Paper & Cardboard- Anything that tears

 Plastics- #’s 1 thru 7

 Glass – clear, brown and green

 Aluminum, Tin and Steel Cans

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Electronic Recycling 

  Mansell Overlook and Reworx have partnered to provide Electronic Recycling  at Mansell Overlook.  They are helping provide an easy way to dispose of your used electronics. You are helping to provide job training and employment services to individuals with disabilities or other barriers of employment.  You have knowledge that electronics are being recycled the “right” way and will not end up in landfills or developing countries. Electronic Recycling is conducted twice a year in April and October.

Mansell Overlook Other Recyclable Streams include:

Paper Shreds 




TI Materials


Waste Audits


•Regular endeavor and important component of LEED recertification effort

•Evaluates recyclables and wet waste streams

–Compare actual diversion rate to potential diversion rate